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Welcome to the Schedule Planner for the seventh Interfusion Festival occurring on January 13-17, 2022 at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, VA. At this time schedule sign-ups are not required for participation and serve as a tool to help you plan your experience. For more festival guidance please see the 2022 Welcome Package at: www.interfusionfestival.com/welcome-package

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Chivonnie Gius

Chivonnie is an enthusiastic truth-seeker who loves dark chocolate & dancing in the rain. A Cultural Anthropologist specializing in Arts Education as a road map to self-discovery, courageous conversations, community development & social change; her life’s work is to cultivate a safe sacred space for healing, reconciliation, transformation & transcending trauma. She is currently exploring the impact & therapeutic side-effects music, movement, theater & creative expression have on our neurobiology.
A certified Let Your Yoga Dance® instructor committed to sharing the power of meditation in motion, ecstatic movement & the process of connecting to one’s internal body wisdom to activate optimal health, personal empowerment & communal healing. She is dedicated to evolving the group dance experience to celebrate the individuality of movement & the joy of bodies united in motion, inspiring her students to seek bliss within the simplicity of every breath.